Intro to Tantra
Instructor: Dr. Sally Valentine
12 Course Hours | Elective Course

What is Tantra? Many people are becoming interested in Tantric practices, but are they getting the full picture? What is the history of Tantra and how can it be used today?


Here’s what you will learn:

  • Basic Tantra principles useful for sexual wholeness
  • The origins and myths of Tantra
  • The benefits of Tantra
  • Tantric breathing exercises
  • The seven main energy centers in the Chakra system
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Your clients need to know how to deepen their sexual experiences and connections. One way to help them do that is through exposing them to the teachings of Tantra.

Tantra is spiritual, but it is also very physical and will give your clients practical ways to connect to their bodies.

Tantra is the weaving of spirit and sex. Its practices can offer those who participate a deeper sense of connection with self, with others, and a more authentic, sacred sexual experience.

Doesn’t this sound like exactly what some of your clients are looking for?

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Intro to Tantra will help you understand more about what Tantra is, what Tantra isn’t, and how you can utilize Tantra practices in your work with clients.

The course demonstrates several Tantric techniques which assist with connecting more deeply. These techniques include breathing that enhances energy moving throughout the body, eye gazing to attune to one’s partner, yogic body movements to improve sexual pelvic floor muscles, and expressing sound to carry energy more freely.

Once you have an understanding of the basic principles of Tantra and the techniques used to move energy throughout the body, you’ll be armed with the tools to help your clients be more connected and more sexually fulfilled.

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Your Instructor, Dr. Sally Valentine

Sally Valentine, PhD, LCSW, has a doctorate in clinical sexology, is a licensed clinical social worker, AASECT sex therapy supervisor, and Tantric facilitator. She is certified in: sex therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR and Imago relational therapy.

She has a private psychotherapy and sex therapy practice in Boca Raton, FL. In addition to working with sexuality issues such as: sexual desire discrepancy, sexual pain, erectile dysfunctions, anorgasmia, sexual fears, sexual orientation and gender concerns, Sally also addresses intimacy issues, trauma, and personal growth.

Dr. Valentine teaches individual and couples tantric practices/techniques to enhance their connection, tap into their own self-awareness and embrace their natural erotic energy.

Dr. Valentine presents to professional organizations teaching how to incorporate Tantra/Sacred Sexuality as a healing modality in the psychotherapeutic setting. Additionally, she offers weekend Tantra/Sacred Sexuality workshops for Couples, locally and nationally.

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Learning about Tantra can help expand your work with clients to tremendous depths. There is a rich history of spiritual and sexual healing that is waiting for you to explore!

By learning the foundations of Tantra you will be able to bring these practices into the room with your clients and they will be able to take home real, tangible practices to use with their partners.

Don’t wait. Get started on your Tantric journey now!

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  • Intro to Tantra: Exercises eBook

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Sexology University is proud to present Intro to Tantra as an elective course. Intro to Tantra is a premium course taught by world-renowned expert Dr. Sally Valentine. Take this course as part of our Clinical Sexology Certification Program, or à la carte to supplement your practice.

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