The 4-D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing
Instructor: Dr. Gina Ogden
15 Course Hours | Elective Course

Do you wish you had creative ways to energize stuck clients? Are you searching for tools to help clients delve deeper into their murky oceans of desire and intimacy? Do you ever wonder if you’re working harder than your clients?


Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to distinguish between the quadrants of the 4-D Wheel
  • Actions to create and hold a safe space for your clients
  • Rituals to use with clients to facilitate reaching their goals
  • How to guide your clients to tell their own sexual story
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Your clients want you to be prepared to handle any of the concerns that may arise while you are working with them. That means that you should have a framework that will allow you to go anywhere that the work demands.

The 4-D Wheel will give you that framework and the confidence to address issues with your clients as they arise.

At Sexology U, you have access to courses that look beyond the “normal”, everyday approaches to client work and that will move you and your clients towards long-lasting results.

The 4-D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing offers you a holistic and co-creative way of addressing client concerns. Sexual experience is much more than physical—it is multi-dimensional: body, mind, heart, and spirit. This special course gives you the tools to address all of these dimensions with your clients.

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The 4-D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing will teach you a template to enable your clients to map their feelings about body, mind, heart, and spirit.  You’ll learn innovative methods to create safe space and invoke erotic rituals instead of self-limiting habits.

You’ll find exercises for breathing, mirror-work, body language, shamanic meditation—all to move you and your clients beyond the notion of “dysfunction” and “disorder” and into collaborative teamwork filled with curiosity and exploration.

You’ll also read the award-winning book that outlines the 4-D Wheel Approach: Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy, written by Dr. Gina Ogden.

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Your Instructor, Dr. Gina Ogden

Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, award-winning sex therapist and sex therapy supervisor, is founder of the 4-D Network for Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit and an adjunct professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has published ten books about sex with major publishers, and her nationwide survey on sexuality and spirituality is archived in the Kinsey Institute.  She conducts retreats and trainings internationally, and reaches thousands of people around the world via teleseminars.

Gina’s nationwide survey was originally called the ISIS Survey–as an acronym for “Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality.” The survey was renamed The 4-D Survey to disassociate it with the current ISIS movement. By whatever name, this is the only large scale survey (n = 3,810) to investigate the spiritual dimensions and multidimensional nature of sexual experience.

She conducted this survey between 1997 and 1999 — before the whole world went digital and started using Survey Monkey.  She has some 500 pages of spontaneous hand-written stories from women, men, and trans people from all over the US about how they connect sexuality and spirituality. It’s from these survey findings that she generated her Four-Dimensional Wheel of Sexual Experience for exploring the connections among body, mind, heart, and spirit.

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There is more to sexuality than just the physical aspect of it. Dr. Gina Ogden’s 4-D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing will help you understand all of the aspects of sexuality including body, mind, heart, and spirit .

It’s so important to have the tools to help your clients safely explore all aspects of their sexuality! Don’t you want to be part of that exciting journey with them? Then get started now!

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Study The 4-D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing with Sexology University for huge rewards! Here’s everything you’ll get:


  • Instant access to the course – you can start TODAY
  • State of the art 24/7 online learning platform – study from anywhere, anytime
  • Expert video lecture from Dr. Gina Ogden, phenomenal author, sex therapist, speaker and educator
  • 15 hours of focused learning, implementing cutting-edge adult education techniques
  • Expert, personalized review of your work & feedback from Sexology University faculty


  • 4-D Wheel Handout
  • Core Dynamics Handout
  • Excerpt from Sexual Health: Volume 4

 Course Fees (Including INSTANT ENROLLMENT): $397

Sexology University is proud to present The 4-D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing as an elective course. The 4-D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing is a premium course taught by world-renowned expert Dr. Gina Ogden. Take this course as part of our Clinical Sexology Certification Program, or à la carte to supplement your practice.

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