Baby Boomers, Sexuality, & Aging
Instructor: Kat Forsythe, MSW
12 Course Hours | Elective Course

Are you struggling with your aging clients and their sexual concerns? Getting older can be difficult and is not always a smooth transition into the Golden Years for your clients, is it?


Here’s what you will learn:

  • The ability to break down stereotypes and misconceptions about sexuality later in life
  • Awareness of the messages portrayed by the media regarding aging and sexuality
  • The physical and emotional challenges for older women and men, single and partnered
  • Understanding the unique conundrum women boomers are facing sexually
  • Knowledge of the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease on older individuals
  • Ability to encourage sexual wellness for clients of all ages
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It is likely some of your clients NOW are Baby Boomers with sexuality issues. If not, you will certainly be seeing them in your practice very soon. You know that this Boomer Generation is 70 million strong, and kicking and screaming against aging.

Meanwhile they are doing everything they can to stay sexy, but sometimes they have bad information. Helping them reach their goals for lasting sexual fulfillment may be one of your greatest clinical challenges!

The truth is, healthy sexual expression at any age is integral to feeling vital and vibrant. With Baby Boomers, Sexuality, and Aging, you’ll gain the critical and sensitive skills needed to enable the sexual life force to thrive for your aging clients.

Kat’s course is a stellar resource that will guide you step by step in making a difference in your older clients’ lives. Don’t wait another minute to learn about this amazing groundbreaking course!

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While sexual expression presents differently for everyone, many older women and men struggle with body image and sexual identity in our youth-centered world. With Baby Boomers, Sexuality, & Aging, you’ll learn how to address these concerns – your clients' insecurities, medical matters, dating concerns, communication roadblocks, and the performance issues that plague Boomers and beyond.

You will attain specific techniques for coping with the challenges and hurdles of the aging process, in order to competently reach for the joy earned by a lifetime of experiences. Ultimately, you will be able to assist in (re)igniting your clients’ sensual passion, thereby enriching their lives in all aspects of their being.

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Your Instructor, Kat Forsythe, MSW
Katherine Anne Forsythe, MSW, graduated from The University of Cincinnati with focus on human sexuality and aging. She is a founding board member of the Consortium on Sex and Aging at Widener University.

With over 30 years in credentialed coaching, therapy, and communication/relationship consulting, “Kat” delivers from the heart and mind with knowledge and pizzazz. As a seasoned speaker and trainer for corporate, academic and professional organizations, she inspires audiences to cultivate quality personal and professional communications to better their lives.

Her private practice includes specializing with women who are mid-life and beyond, empowering them to live life with confidence, radiance and zest. Just as you want to help your clients to do!
Kat is passionate about delicious new possibilities for exploring intimacy and relationships in the second half of life, believing that vitality and juicy sexuality are our birthright as people. Sign up now, to see for yourself how she can help you, help your aging clients!
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You’ll be seeing more and more Baby Boomers in your practice – that’s the demographic reality. Getting comfortable, competent, and confident in addressing the challenges and joys of sexuality and aging is an imperative. And you know this already, right? These clients are already knocking on your door.

The time is now to boost your knowledge and skill in working with this special population. Become the go-to practitioner in your area and watch your appointment book swell. Help your clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for their sexual health and happiness.

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Study Baby Boomers, Sexuality, & Aging with Sexology University for huge rewards! Here’s everything you’ll get:


  • Instant access to the course – you can start TODAY
  • State of the art 24/7 online learning platform – study from anywhere, anytime
  • Expert video lecture from Kat Forsythe, MSW, international expert in sexuality & aging
  • 12 hours of focused learning, implementing cutting-edge adult education techniques
  • Expert, personalized review of your work & feedback from Sexology University faculty


  • Wheel of Sexuality Handout

 Course Fees (Including INSTANT ENROLLMENT): $397

Sexology University is proud to present Baby Boomers, Sexuality, & Aging as an elective course. Baby Boomers, Sexuality, & Aging is a premium course taught by world-renowned expert on sexuality and aging, Kat Forsythe, MSW. Take this course as part of our Clinical Sexology Certification Program, or à la carte to supplement your practice.

You can order this course here and you will receive instant access and instant enrollment today.