Somatic Arts
Instructor: Dr. Susan Kaye
12 Course Hours | Elective Course

Do you have clients who just can’t get un-stuck from patterns or thoughts that keep them from experiencing true pleasure? The missing piece might be helping them experience pleasure within their physical self, resulting in feeling their true sexual potential.


Here’s what you will learn:

  • The origin of Somatic Arts as a therapeutic tool
  • How to identify clients who can benefit from this approach
  • How to distinguish between talk therapy and mind/body therapy
  • The features and process of sensate focus
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Somatic Arts offers an amazing way to create breakthroughs with your clients. Many of your clients will be practitioners of yoga or participate in other body-based activities, showing a general curiosity about embodied practices.

By bridging the gap between mind and body for your clients, you will give them a holistic way of experiencing sex and sensuality.

Sex is more than just a physical experience, but body awareness is an important aspect of sexual wellness. How can you help your clients understand their sexual concerns not only from the neck up but also from the neck down?

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This course offers training for you to combine your current ("neck up") skills with somatic or embodiment practitioner ("neck down") tools and techniques. These teachings will give you expanded ways to help your clients gain healthy body/mind integration.

You will learn the expanded triadic model as well as the expanded sexual response cycle. Additionally, you will be able to distinguish and refer to bodywork practitioners related to sensuality and sexuality, such as: cuddle therapists, mindfulness trainers, sacred intimates, sexological bodyworkers, massage, reiki, shiatsu or tantra practitioners.

These expanded models will guide you on how to teach your clients the value of including a healthy relationship with their bodies in their personal lives as well as their relationships.

This course will illuminate places where your clinical work can get stuck and tools to move your clients forward.

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Your Instructor, Dr. Susan Kaye


Dr. Kaye holds a Doctorate degree in Clinical Sexology and Sex Education from the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality.

She is trained in several bodywork modalities, including Esalen massage, reflexology, acupressure, and Tantra. She has worked as a yoga teacher, surrogate partner, surrogate partner therapist and trainer. She facilitates  trainings which bring verbal therapists, somatic arts practitioners and surrogate partners together teaching mind/body wellness collaboration.

Dr. Kaye has over 25 years of experience in the field of Somatic Arts. She is the co-founder of the Institute for Mind Body Therapy.

In our culture life is lived “neck up”. Dr. Kaye believes that people need to also live from the "neck down" for healthy balance. Her career has focused on helping others remove years of sexual emotional pain, trauma, secrecy and ignorance by empowering them to reclaim their lost pleasure birthrights and celebrating their physical being, exquisite sensuality and blissful sexuality.

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Many of your clients are exploring embodied practices like yoga or sports, but they may not see the very real connection of these practices to their sex lives. You can help them bridge that gap.

In order to have healthy, well-rounded clients, you have to be willing to move from a neck-up approach to one that incorporates neck-down healing practices. This shift will ensure that your clients are connected in mind and body.

If this sounds like challenging and exciting work, then sign up now for Somatic Arts!

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 Course Fees (Including INSTANT ENROLLMENT): $397

Sexology University is proud to present Somatic Arts as an elective course. Somatic Arts is a premium course taught by world-renowned expert Dr. Susan Kaye. Take this course as part of our Clinical Sexology Certification Program, or à la carte to supplement your practice.

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