Psychological Overview of Sexology
Instructor: Dr. Adam Sheck
12 Course Hours | Core Curriculum

Are you curious about the distinctions between psychotherapy and sexology? Do you wonder about the type of sexual concerns you will encounter with your patients or clients? This course will provide you with those answers and so much more!


Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to distinguish between psychotherapy and sexology
  • Three critical areas of learning in Sexology U
  • The basic sexual disorder components to the DSM-5
  • When to refer your clients to other professionals
  • Erotic transference and countertransference and the potential effects on your work with clients
  • Top sexological issues for men, women and couples
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Practitioners can find themselves confused about which theory or practice should guide them when working with clients with sexual concerns. Having a solid understanding of the ways in which the foundations of psychology can support you as a practitioner will set you up for success!

As a practitioner, you may be familiar with the DSM-5 as it pertains to mental health and diagnosis. It’s important that you also understand how sexual dysfunctions are approached from a psychological versus sexological perspective.

This course will empower you with the knowledge you need so that you can be well prepared when you work with clients with sexuality related concerns.

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In this course you will learn the foundations from psychology that can help you address your client’s concerns and when to apply them. You will be able to distinguish between sexology and psychotherapy and when each approach is most appropriate.

The more you know about the foundations of psychology, the more confident you will feel when you receive a concern that falls outside of the scope of sexology and requires you to refer your clients to an outside professional.

Dr. Sheck will also address the most common sexological issues that couples and individuals might present to you as well as how to identify erotic transference and countertransference with your clients.

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Your Instructor, Dr. Adam Sheck

Dr. Adam Sheck is a licensed Psychologist, Couples Counselor and Relationship Coach, supporting couples and singles in connecting to their passion and purpose at His newest focus is supporting clients getting over the grief of a relationship ending at He also is a writer for The Good Men Project.

Dr. Adam Sheck created The Passion Doctor website to support individuals and couples to create more passion in their lives and in their relationships.  For singles, the focus is to support them in finding the inspiration for having the career and relationship of their dreams.  For couples the focus is about re-igniting their Passion, Romance, Intimacy and Sexuality.

Dr. Adam Sheck went through a rigorous year-long post-licensure training process to become Certified in Imago Relationship Therapy. Imago Relationship Therapy utilizes a variety of clinical techniques to teach couples (as well as singles desiring an intimate union) to identify their defenses against intimacy and to understand the unconscious forces that influence partner selection and stressors in committed relationships.  The goal of the therapy is to create a conscious, mature, loving relationship.

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Psychological Overview of Sexology will give you a framework to understand the basic differences between psychotherapy and sexology.

Your clients will come to you with sexual concerns and you will need to be prepared to help them in the best way you can. That may mean referring out to other practitioners.

Learn how psychology and sexology can compliment each other and where your work will take you in this dynamic course!

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Studying Psychological Overview of Sexology with Sexology University has tremendous rewards! Here’s everything you’ll get:


  • Instant access to the course – you can start TODAY
  • State of the art 24/7 online learning platform – study from anywhere, anytime
  • Expert video lecture from Dr. Adam Sheck, licensed Psychologist, Couples Counselor and Relationship Coach
  • 12 hours of focused learning, implementing cutting-edge adult education techniques
  • Expert, personalized review of your work & feedback from Sexology University faculty


  • DSM-V Fact Sheets
  • Erotic Transference & Countertransference Fact Sheet

 Course Fees (Including INSTANT ENROLLMENT): $397

Sexology University is proud to present Psychological Overview of Sexology as core curriculum. Psychological Overview of Sexology is a premium course taught by world-renowned expert Dr. Adam Sheck. Take this course as part of our Clinical Sexology Certification Program, or à la carte to supplement your practice.

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