The 'Coming Out' Process
Instructor: Rick Clemons
12 Course Hours | Elective Course

Living an authentic life free of shame is the goal of coming out. But, what is it actually like to come out of the closet? What experiences must a person go through to become confident in their authentic self?


Here’s what you will learn:

  • The seven stages to coming out
  • The terminology used around the coming out process
  • The reasons someone might choose to go into and stay in the closet
  • A firm foundation for energetically helping a client to accept themselves, release shame, and step forward into a powerful position of embracing their sexual energy
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Each of us has the right to live as who we truly want to be and to love whom we choose. Sometimes, that is not easy, depending on a person’s beliefs and available support network.

We all have “closets” we need to come out of at some point in our lives. Having a better understanding of what that process looks and feels like can help you to address the process of coming out with your clients who are coming out as LGBTQ, polyamorous or as members of a kink community.

This course is truly like no other available and will give you the necessary confidence to work with clients who are ready to pull back the closet doors and step into their authentic lives!

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In this course you will learn the seven energetic stages of coming out, why each one is important and how to move your clients through each stage successfully.

You will be given the tools for empowering your clients through each of these stages, as well as the knowledge of what your clients will be faced with outside of your sessions with them. This course will help you be the best support possible for your clients during their coming out process.

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Your Instructor, Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons, nationally known as The Coming Out Coach, is the radio show host of “The Coming Out Lounge”, a Certified Professional Coach, magnetizing speaker, thought-provoking blogger, and the creator of his signature coaching system, “Coming Out Without Coming Unglued”. Rick also appeared on The Ricki Lake Show as the “Coming Out Expert”. He is the author of the book Frankly My Dear, I’m Gay.

Rick specializes in a gender-neutral “coming out” process that addresses and resolves the issues that individuals face as they step through the closet doors and into their powerful truth. After hiding in his own closet for 38 years, Rick faced his fears, stepped into his truth, and began living as a gay man without regrets or shame.

Now, he’s on a mission to help individuals, as well as their “inner circle” – spouses whose spouses have come out, children of LGBT parents, and families of LGBT individuals. Rick promotes the concept to “come out” by embracing the transition and thriving on the “other side of the closet door!”

Sign up now, to see for yourself how he can help you to help your clients with their coming out process!
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Working with clients who are ready to come out of the closet is both challenging and rewarding!

Don’t you want the skills to effectively guide and support these clients during such a transformational time in their life?

Many of your clients will face a time in their lives when they have to break free to emerge as their true sexual self. Coming out can be a very difficult task. The time is now to boost your knowledge of the coming out process. Become the go-to practitioner in your area for clients seeking a coming out expert and watch your appointment book swell.

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  • Coming Out Parallels Handout
  • Coming Out Energy Handout

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Sexology University is proud to present The 'Coming Out' Process as an elective course. The 'Coming Out' Process is a premium course taught by world-renowned expert, Rick Clemons. Take this course as part of our Clinical Sexology Certification Program, or à la carte to supplement your practice.

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