Clinical Sexology Overview
Instructor: Dr. Patti Britton
  20 Course Hours | Core Curriculum

What does it mean to be a clinical sexologist? How will you be able to support your clients using a clinical sexological model? Knowing how to address the top clinical concerns that your clients are likely to present and handle them confidently is the key to your clinical sexology practice.


Here’s what you will learn:

  • The clinical models known as PLISSIT, MEBES© and sensate focus
  • How each clinical model may be used for treatment of male, female or couples’ sexual concerns
  • The top clinical issues for male, female, couples, non-traditional and special circumstances clients
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What does it mean to be a “clinical sexologist”? What types of client work is involved and how do you do it? This course will answer those questions as well as give you several frameworks to implement with your sexology clients. It’s important to know what tools can be used to to frame the client experience and move them from concern to contentment. Clinical Sexology Overview with Dr. Patti Britton is the best place to get those tools!

The core curriculum course Clinical Sexology Overview was designed with practical application in mind. You will gain the skills and knowledge of the various clinical sexology methodologies that will allow you to work directly with clients who have sexual concerns.

You will no longer be in the dark when an individual client or couple presents you with a sexual issue that is at the heart of their visit. You will learn from one of the top names in clinical sexology, Dr. Patti Britton, just how to help your clients with proven clinical sexology interventions.

Clinical Sexology Overview is really about the nuts and bolts of how to best work with these clients with confidence and that’s exactly what you need as a practitioner.

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You know that in order to address your client’s sexual concerns it’s not enough to just study the mechanics of sex. You also need to know and understand how to implement strategies to help your clients overcome these concerns so that they can be more fulfilled and sexually satisfied.

For decades, Dr. Patti Britton has been applying three models of clinical sexology (one of which she created) to her work with clients. She is well-versed in the methods and strategies for treatment that work in a clinical sexology setting.

That means that by taking this Clinical Sexology Overview course you will be receiving tried and true methods to move your clients through a process with you that will result in success.

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Your Instructor, Dr. Patti Britton

Dr. Patti is among top leadership and is a well respected pioneer in the field of sexology. She possesses a Ph.D. and Masters in Public Health, both in Human Sexuality. Dr. Patti is a Master Certified Sex Coach. She has stellar credentials including: Past-President of the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT); Clinical Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists; Diplomate, American Board of Sexology; AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator/Supervisor; Lifetime Member and Advisory Council of the American College of Sexologists; Member of the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality; National Advisory Board Member of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance; Academic Dean/Associate Professor of Sexology, for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; and Adjunct Faculty at The Chicago School (TCS) of Professional Psychology in Southern California.

In her capacity as professor she has also chaired approximately 30 doctoral dissertations and serves as the expert chair/reader for many more at IASHS, TCS, Saybrook and Pacifica Graduate Institutes. She has a private practice in the Los Angeles region and leads couples’ workshops and seminars.

Dr. Patti is the co-founder of Sex Coach U, the world’s premier credentialing and training institute on sex coaching, Sexology University, the first Clinical Sexology Certification Program for licensed professionals, and the World Association of Sex Coaches.

Dr. Patti Britton is a nationally board-certified Clinical Sexologist and world renown pioneering Sex Coach. She’s the author of hundreds of articles, book chapters, and four major books in sexology; a popular speaker to the masses and a seasoned professional trainer to her peers, a cyber-diva on sex (as the original sexpert for, and the founder of her own websites. Dr. Patti hosts 40+ DVDs about sexuality.

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Clinical Sexology Overview is designed to give you an understanding of the powerful frameworks to use with your clinical sexology clients.

By learning from one of the pioneers in the field of sexology, Dr. Patti Britton, you will be well on your way to practically applying these frameworks in real time.

Think of this course as the “How to” portion of your core curriculum at Sexology U. How exciting is that?

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Studying Clinical Sexology Overview with Sexology University has tremendous rewards! Here’s everything you’ll get:


  • Instant access to the course – you can start TODAY
  • State of the art 24/7 online learning platform – study from anywhere, anytime
  • Expert video lecture from Dr. Patti Britton, co-founder of Sexology U
  • 20 hours of focused learning, implementing cutting-edge adult education techniques
  • Expert, personalized review of your work & feedback from Sexology University faculty


  • Female Sexual Response Cycle Handout
  • Male Sexual Response Cycle Handout
  • MEBES© & PLISSIT Worksheets

 Course Fees (Including INSTANT ENROLLMENT): $397

Sexology University is proud to present Clinical Sexology Overview as core curriculum. Clinical Sexology Overview is a premium course taught by world-renowned pioneer in the field of sexology, Dr. Patti Britton. Take this course as part of our Clinical Sexology Certification Program, or à la carte to supplement your practice.

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